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      About us

      About our company

             zhejian dawei car parts co.,Ltd.lies in Quxi Machinery Industrial ZoneWenzhou

      City, easily accessible only 20km away from the railway station and the bus station. It is a 

      special enterprise integrating the development, scientific research,production, commerce and 

      trading of standard and non-standard parts. In 2003 it succeeded in passing the 

      accreditation of ISO9001:2000 International Quality Management System.

      The company was formerly called Wenzhou Quxi Dahua Standard Parts Plant which

      was founded in the 1980s. It covers an area of 12000 square meters ,boasting strong 

      industrial technologies and rich manufacturing experience. Its products are exported to 

      every nook and cranny of the world and enjoy a good reputation.

      The company is equipped with mold, pressing, cold upsetting, heat treatment, instrument 

      and inspection & packing workshops. It mainly provides supportive services, such as relevant 

      industries both at home and abroad like household appliances, machinery, automobile and 

      motorcycle, as well as processing according to supply drawings and samples.

      In the new century, the company will continue to carry forward the corporate spirit 

      "solidary,diligent, efficient and innovative" and adhere to the corporate philosophy 

      "quality-oriented,progressive and customer uppermost" to seize opportunities endowed by 

      times, striving to open up a brighter tomorrow.

      Warmly welcome all old and new customers at home and abroad to call or mail us for 

      business talks.


      We are gained CE,RoHS,GS,UL certification to meet for the overseas market.

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